LIVE Site Security

Catching the intruder(s) on video stealing property/equipment is nice, but proactively stopping it from happening is the real goal. Our Proactive Video Monitoring will do just that! With event detection that can be programmed to meet your needs and give results in real time with verification of an intruder by our live operators and automatic reaction through voice warnings and notification to the authorities and specified site personnel. Features that are scalable for many applications across a wide variety of operations such as: auto dealerships, construction sites, industrial areas, oil & gas pipeline, utility companies, government buildings, law enforcement, and live events, we can proactively monitor any venue including mobile trailers. Detailed incident reports with time-stamped digital photo evidence of an event are sent to the site manager after each incident.

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Auto Dealerships

With 40% of stolen vehicles in the US occurring at dealerships, preventing theft — and vandalism — are major concerns.

Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis businesses must adhere to their state regulatory security requirements, as it is frequently tied to the granting of permits and licenses.

Mining and Materials

For liability, as well as health and safety reasons, businesses in this industry want to prevent trespassers from entering their sites and potentially harming themselves or stealing/vandalizing equipment.


Warehousing, Storage, Logistics and Distribution businesses are expected to keep valuables, products and inventories safe and secure.


Remote Utility sites — like substations — are vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism, theft, sabotage and terrorist threats.


Scrap/Recycling businesses are now being targeted by thieves intent on stealing — and then selling — valuable metals.