Fire Alarm Systems

Provide 24/7 Alarm Monitoring with police, medical and fire department dispatch.

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

addressable panels make set-up simple by automatically initializing detectors, continuously monitoring their operation, providing drift compensation, controling detector sensitivity, and performing an NFPA 72-compliant sensitivity check.

HOCHIKI America Corporation

FireNET Plus 1127 - ANALOG ADDRESSABLE FIRE ™ ALARM CONTROL PANEL. The FireNET™ Plus 1127 series control panel is an analog addressable fire alarm panel with build options containing 1 or 2 SLC loops, a Digital Alarm Communicator/ Transmitter (DACT), and an RS-485 bus for network communication. Each SLC loop supports 127 devices of any combination (sensors or modules), and 127 analog sounder bases, for a possible total of 254 points per loop. Communication between devices is accomplished by use of standard cable (shielded or twisted pair is not required). Each panel includes a 4-amp power supply and has 2 onboard NAC circuits. The RS-485 bus provides communication to the panel network while another RS-485 bus provides communication for peripheral devices. The RS-232 interface allows the convenience of programming via a PC. The system will support a variety of Hochiki devices; photo, ion and heat sensors, which contain a unique, patented sensor design incorporating automatic drift compensation and day/night sensitivity modes. Additional devices include contact monitors, relay controllers, supervised auxiliary output and short circuit isolator modules. In addition, interfaces to conventional detection systems can be established by using a conventional zonemonitoring module. The Loop Explorer Windows® Software interface provides the installer with fingertip access to installation programming and diagnostic tools. An Auto Learn feature offers the convenience for quick start applications. Add to this a reputation for high quality and dedicated service which makes this an exceptional product both in performance and value.

AES Corporation

7788F/7744F Series Subscribers are the ideal universal wireless communicators for any new or existing fire alarm system. AES-IntelliNet networks are built using AES Corporation’s patented mesh radio communications technology. A Smart Subscriber at each alarm site acts as transmitter, receiver, and repeater of alarm signals across the network. This creates a smart long-range radio network with multiple pathways between each alarm site and the central receiver. Multiple pathways mean multiple redundancies assuring the most reliable delivery of signals and compliance with rigorous industry standards. AES-IntelliNet networks self-adjust to network changes and assure that signals automatically follow the shortest path available as the network of Subscribers grows.

Highest Long Term Stability and Profitability AES-IntelliNet remains the most stable and profitable fire alarm communication technology available today in the rapidly changing world of communications. AES private wireless networks never sunset compared to cellular technology and traditional phone lines. AES-IntelliNet networks maximize RMR generated from network alarm communication services because signals are delivered without the need for a costly operations center or cellular service providers.